STEVCAT®: free planning and execution software

Designed to meet demands when it comes to station keeping, the STEVCAT® software enables intuitive and quick modelling, analysis and visualization of mooring lines for use in pre-lay operations, rig mooring, towing and marine operations.


STEVCAT® software is a catenary calculator, developed by Deep Sea Mooring, for calculation and plotting of relevant properties of the catenary for use in pre-lay operations, rig mooring, towing and marine operations.  

Inside you'll find:

  • Software used to model, visualize and perform catenary calculations for moored and towed lines;
  • Model up to 14 mooring line segments from pre-defined inventory or add user defined inventory;
  • Choose between axial/winch tension or horizontal/bollard tension;
  • Calculate and plot catenaries based on either:
    - Fixed component lengths and tensions, range is found;
    - Fixed component lengths and range, tension is found;
    - Fixed tension and range, length of first component is found;
  • Calculate minimum clearances from 1 or 2 obstacles placed relative to the fairlead or the anchor;
  • Export catenary plot to image file;
  • Export results to pdf format.

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